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Rank structure
« on: December 28, 2018, 05:10:08 PM »
Rank structure of the PGP

Commissioned Officers:
Polkovnik (Plk) - Colonel, regimental commanding officer
Podpolkovnik (Pplk) - Lt. Colonel, 2nd in Command

Kapitan (Kpt) - Captain, head of company
Poruchik (Prk) - Lieutenant, administrative officer
Praporshick (Prp) - Ensign, Lieutenant's assistant

Non-commissioned officers:
Feldfebel (Fdb) - Sergeant Major, head of NCO team
Starshiy Unteroffitser (StUnt) - Sergeant
Mladshiy Unteroffitser (MlUnt) - NCO Cadet

Efreiter (Efr) - Corporal, veteran soldier.
Grenader (Gren) - Grenadier, elite soldier.
Ryadovoy (Rdv) - Private

Rekrut (Rek) - Trial period before officially becoming an enlisted soldier in the regiment.

Detailed rank descriptions and responsibilities:

Enlisted ranks are the main body of the company. They are assigned based on a member's time spent in the regiment, dedication to the regiment and personal skills. One should not expect to rise fast through the ranks, and most members will be at the rank of Ryadovoy. If your goal is to achieve a high rank, look elsewhere. Our regiment is not rank-oriented, and our ranks are earned through hard work, time, loyalty and dedication to our group.

Non-commissioned officers:
Non-commissioned officers ["NCOs"] are there to share the administrative duties with commissioned officers as well as take care of everyday duties such as ensuring that all members are following the code of conduct and also developing tactics and strategies for our matches. Each NCO can be assigned a specific duty by his senior COs. The NCOs are long-standing members of our group, who have shown themselves willing and capable to have more responsibility and assist with running our group.

Commissioned officers:
Commissioned officers are the senior officers and are there to take care of administrative duties and to lead during the events. NCOs and COs are there to share the "burden" of doing everything that needs to be done in order for our group to run smoothly.
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